This document outlines definitions, purpose, and frameworks with which InsurePride operates under. The document is evolving as our network grows, and is subject to change at any time. For updates to the Network Terms document, members will be notified by writing and in meeting updates.

1. Purpose

1.1 The purpose of InsurePride is to:

i. Provide a network of like-minded industry professionals to connect and engage;
ii. Encourage and promote understanding of key LGBTQ+ issues that are both within industry
workplaces, and the audiences represented by insurance;
iii. Provide a forum to share ideas and collaborate on enhancing overall industry outcomes;
iv. Elevate the insurance industry as the preferred industry of choice for LGBTQ+ employment through
encouraging best practice;
v. Provide avenues for professional development by way of workshops, events, articles, projects, panel
discussions and other forms of building professional and industry brand;
vi. Work with industry and community bodies to align specialised LGBTQ+ inclusive practices to
provide channels for insurance firms to connect and engage.

1.2 The granular goals, strategy and objectives of the network are provided in the annual charter as decided by members of InsurePride, which will be made available on the InsurePride website.

2. Membership Applications

2.1 Membership for InsurePride is free to join and is open to all insurance industry professionals, LGBTQ+ and allies. InsurePride also welcomes membership from both professional and community partners and/or associations who work alongside insurance firms.
2.2 Membership can be applied for by contacting InsurePride on LinkedIn, via the website or by reaching out to the Co-Leads directly.
2.3 There is no limit for how many members from each company can join, and InsurePride is open to membership from industry colleagues and associates from every level of insurance firm structure.
2.3 For members that have registered with InsurePride, we collect the following information to support your membership:

i. Full Name;
ii. Company you are employed or are associated with;
iii. What insurance category you work within, or what affiliated industry you work in;
iv. Contact email address;
v. Location (State); and
vi. Date of InsurePride application.

2.4 We may additionally ask for census and demographical information for the purposes of statistical investigation or development of Network, but these will always be optional and anonymous.
2.5 For more details on data collection and handling, please refer to our Privacy and Information Handling Policy.

3. General Benefits and Rights of Members

3.1 A member of InsurePride has the ability to:

i. Access general meetings, events and networking opportunities scheduled throughout the year;
ii. Receive summaries of meetings and notice of network updates;
iii. To request topics of discussion or opportunities to speak at meetings;
iv. To request contact for support from InsurePride and its members;
v. To participate in workshops, projects and panels ran by InsurePride and its affiliates;
vi. Access to member’s only or early access reports, insights, white papers; and other content as it is
produced throughout the year.

3.2 A register of members is kept securely that includes information captured as per section 3 of the Network Terms or within the privacy policy that must be maintained by one or more Co-Leads.

3.3 A member can at any time, request a record of the personal information kept on file or request to have their personal data removed. If a request for removal is submitted, InsurePride will de-identify and destroy the personal information on file, but some high-level demographics may remain as per our privacy policy.

3.4 Any work reported on by InsurePride when opportunities arise to showcase member insurance firm’s work will be shared with the individual firm to seek approval from respective External Communications area prior to publish, and nothing will be published without the express permission of the member’s firm.

4. Membership Conduct and Sharing of Information

4.1 Like any other industry association, InsurePride comes together to share experiences, common goals and obstacles when dealing with LGBTQ+ staff and customer experiences to better the industry as a whole.

4.2 Members are asked to respect each other, create a safe, open space where we can work together towards greater outcomes, and uplift each other.

4.3 InsurePride encourages sharing of high-level information on topics and work conducted within respective firms. It is acknowledged that while we’re here for the same reason, we’re equally competitors in the room.

4.4 InsurePride does not promote or recommend the sharing of information that would be considered commercially sensitive.

4.5 Commercially sensitive information is considered to be in line with the definitions that could include but are not limited to:

i. Actuarial or financial information;
ii. Specifics about products or services not publicly available;
iii. Trade secrets or ideas that have yet to be delivered;
iv. Proposed projects;
v. Information that could be used by competitors to impact profit margins, performance or market

4.6 Prior to sharing information with the network if participating in a working group, panel or media piece, InsurePride recommends that members confirm with their respective Legal, Risk and or External Communications areas what information they are allowed to disclose, as each company’s stance can differ.

4.7 InsurePride cannot be held responsible based on what is shared within the meeting of individual members, so if you’re unsure, exercise caution and don’t share information that could be captured or recorded.

5. Composition of InsurePride Leadership

5.1 The leadership structure of InsurePride is on a volunteer basis, with a maximum of three (3) co-leads to support Network growth and operations.

5.2 It is recommended that the Co-Leads be from different Insurance categories to avoid overbalancing in any one direction, but acknowledge with membership availability this may not always be possible.

5.3 Co-leads of InsurePride must work within the Insurance Industry with lived experience (noting that lived experience may also extend to those with friends/family who they actively support).

5.4 Tenure is for a maximum of two years, with the ability to continue on a yearly basis past that point if there are no other candidates who volunteer.

5.5 The timing for election or re-election will be the commencement of Q4 at the end of tenure, to allow time for handover and new Co-Leads to determine the following year’s strategy.

5.6 The effective date of commencement of the new Co-Leads will take place up to 30 days after the election. Until that time, the outgoing Co-Leads will remain as the respective positions.

5.7 Should a Co-Lead need to step down prior to this due to changes in personal and/or professional circumstances, nominations will be held ad hoc during the year with 30 days’ notice provided to the network.

5.8 Existing and former Co-Leads will be eligible for re-election.

6. General Duties of InsurePride Leadership

6.1 It is expected that the roles and responsibilities of the Co-Leads include but are not limited to:

i. Conduct regular meetings for InsurePride members to engage with industry colleagues;
ii. Review and audit membership lists regularly to ensure accuracy;
iii. Work with each other and stakeholders to ensure actions align with InsurePride strategy;
iv. Act as industry advocate and champion to represent industry-specific impacts for LGBTQ+
community within insurance;
v. Review and update charter and strategy each year to align with industry changes, network
direction and membership.

6.2 In addition to any duties imposed by these Rules, a Co-Lead must perform any other duties imposed from time to time as required by member enquiry or other needs of the network.

6.3 The Co-Leads are collectively responsible for ensuring that the members comply with the Network Terms and that individual Co-Leads comply with these rules.

6.4 Co-Leads must exercise their powers and discharge their duties:

i. in good faith in the best interests of InsurePride; and
ii for a proper purpose.

6.5 Leads and former Co-Leads must not make improper use of:

i. their position; or
ii. information acquired by virtue of holding their position so as to gain an advantage for themselves or
any other person or
iii. to cause detriment to InsurePride.

7. Structure of Meetings

7.1 Meetings for InsurePride will be held monthly, to allow for topics of discussion, orders of business and network updates to be provided.

7.2 Notice of each meeting will be given in advance, with the agenda to be circulated a week prior to the meeting where possible.

7.3 It is recommended that at least one member from your organisation attend the sessions, and to nominate a proxy if you yourself cannot attend.

7.4 Members are also welcome to invite guests who are not InsurePride members themselves from their organisations or industry colleagues who share an interest in the topics discussed, but asked to advise the Co-Leads prior to the date.

7.5 Meetings will be held during work hours unless otherwise specified, so it is recommended to speak with your line managers to ensure you are able to attend.

7.6 Meetings are held via Microsoft Teams, which can be accessed within the Microsoft Teams application or via the web. Use of such technology is subject to Microsoft’s own use agreements, terms and conditions.

7.7 Where possible we aim to make the meetings accessible for any attendees. Reach out to the Co-Leads prior to the event for any accommodations that may be required.

8. Agreement and Alteration of Rules

8.1 These terms will take effect from the date on which they are published and can be accessed by members at any time.

8.2 By registering with, participating with and/or attending InsurePride events you agree to the Network Terms listed herein.

8.3 These terms are subject to change and can be updated in the future with notice to the members of InsurePride.